Friday, July 23, 2010


Cashes Secrets
by Big Daddy Cas


In all of creation and in my way of thinking there is only one law that can change a man’s way of thinking. It’s the Universal Law of the Power of Prayer and Divine Infinite Intelligence. You can’t find this law anywhere in the world or for that matter anywhere in the universe.


Because the law is so powerful it’s just a figment of my imagination. With this law there are no limitations to keep you from achieving the American Dream, Success in all Things.

If it’s just your imagination what makes you so sure that this is so almighty powerful?

Because when I desperately needed help I used the power of prayer to communicate with God and God showed me where to find the power that’s hidden in all of us. As strange as it may seem God told me to use my imagination. You too can use your imagination and unlock this power, it’s called the power of positive thinking, the power to get rid of all your negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations.

Where do I find this power and how do I tap into it?

The power lies dormant in your unconscious mind just waiting to be activated to empower you to a new and more meaningful life. You start with the power of prayer and let God become your constant companion. Communicate with God through his Infinite Intelligence. He will open the doors where the power is hiding and show you the way to wake up this power and use it to its full potential.

How can I possibly believe what you are saying?

In order to believe me you must have faith. Faith will allow you to see God and follow in his footsteps. God has given us a wonderful and amazing gift, faith for the unknown journeys in our lives. The ability to have faith has always allowed people to experience victories and fulfill their dreams. Have faith in me that what I am telling you is true and attainable. Have faith in yourself that you can overcome any obstacle and reach out for the improbable dream.

Please tell me why you are sharing this amazing discovery with me?

I’ve reached most of my important goals and now I’m successful, happy and free. I honestly think that I was given a mission through Gods Divine Infinite Intelligence. So now I have set a new goal and that is to help anyone with a true desire to better their life and the lives of the people around them. Your success is my reward for the help I am willing to give.

If I put my faith in you will you help me get started on this tomorrow?

I can see that one of the first things that I need to help you with is your unconscious habit to procrastinate. Sure, tomorrows a brand new day but today has to be lived to its fullest potential. Never put off until tomorrow what can be done or at least started today. So often when things are put off they never get done.

Let’s start today by getting rid of your habit to procrastinate. If you will, please sit down in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and relax, take three deep breaths, breathing in as deep as you can, slowly exhale each time, now tell yourself you are completely relaxed, expel all your problems and stress, see them leave your body, feel the warmth of the blood flowing through your body, let each part of your body leave your body except for your mind and your spirit, now you are in a state where your subconscious mind can accept positive suggestions. Tell yourself that you are happy, healthy and free, repeat it several times now tell yourself that you will definitely take care of everything that needs to be done today because that’s the kind of person I am (always use the pronouns I or Me), repeat this several times, now slowly count backwards from 10 to 1, when you reach 1, tell yourself when you open your eyes you’ll be comfortable and fully alert, congratulate yourself, you have just programmed your first positive affirmation.

Do you see how easy that was? I make all the exercises that will change your way of thinking as simple and easy as possible. You’ve taken a big step today by starting the process that will eliminate your habit of procrastinating. Do the above exercise 10 days in a row, at least once a day; for the next 10 days do it every other day and when you are finished you’ll never procrastinate again. It will be a habit you will unconsciously do, just like breathing.

Okay, I’ll never procrastinate again, at least I don’t think I will, so what do we do now?

First before we go on, let me make you aware of this; never say never, don’t say I won’t and don’t say I will not, when using affirmations always be positive, the subconscious mind will not accept negative affirmations.

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  1. Your reading makes complete sense of the power of the Devine Infinite Intelligence and the power of the Universal Laws of God. If we speak to God he will answer our prayers, but first we must believe that he will hear our requests. Secondly, we must be willing to work for what we request so that God can put his force behind us and guide us to make the right decisions. I agree with everything that you have said and more people need to believe what you have to say if they want to get anywhere in life.
    I have one last thing to say and I hate to say it but I will. It is very hard to read what you write on this page with the lines going down through your guiding words. Could you please make it easier to read because I have to strain my eyes to read what you have to say and I don't want to miss a word of your infinite wisdom.
    Tamara Lesley





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