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I save everything I write in all kinds of files. I can pull up even the most insignificant things, for example here is something I wrote May 13, 2008.
Dear Friend
I finally got some of my stuff published and I have been doing book signings all over the place.
I bought my RV so that when I retired I could get behind the wheel and never look back. This would have been possible before the prices of gas sky rocketed to an unbelievable high. Now I travel in multi-million dollar airplanes and I don’t worry about the price of gas because my publishers take care of most of the expenses.
The difference from what I planned and what I’m doing is now I can’t take my four legged critters with me and I always return to home base. Anyway I love book signings, I’m really good at it, I sell a lot of books and meet a lot of truly amazing people. I’m not making a lot of money but I’m sure having a lot of fun.
However I do make a lot more cabbage than I did trading my hours for the almighty dollar. If you don’t know what cabbage is, it’s the deflating dollar. “Smiles” The way our economy is headed it won’t be long before the dollar won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on. That’s surely a fact if John McCain is elected as president.
It stretches my imagination to see Obama as a contender in the democratic campaign. I was beginning to think that the only ones running were Hillary, Bill and their Daughter. Incidentally if you want my opinion I think it would be the worst thing that could happen to this country if either Obama or Hillary were to become our President. How can anyone trust Hillary with her shit eaten grin or a black man in diapers.
Regards, Big Daddy Cash

Here’s something I wrote in January 2008, I don’t know why I saved it but I did.

Dear Friend,
As you know or at least should know, I write a lot of replies to a lot of emails. I try to communicate with a personal response. Something that will grab you by the seat of your pants and hold onto your attention. Some of the things that I write may be beyond the realm of your imagination. Some may just seem stupid and non-sensible but at least I give all the courtesy of recognition. I like to use greeting cards to send my messages because I am notified by the card company at the precise time that they are opened.
If you haven't already figured it out let me take the time to explain the method to my madness. Everything I do has a reason. What I lack in knowledge and skill I try to gain by the things that I do. I not only use email to keep in contact with you and others but I use it as a training board to learn how to write. Since my schooling all comes from the school of hard knocks writing interesting emails puts me right back in the classroom. I learn new words and I learn how to structure them in a meaningful way. Though my grammar is poor, it improves with each email I write and I strive for the day when I'll reach perfection.
Sincerely, Big Daddy Cash
P.S. I never thought increasing the fullness of my beard would make much of difference in my overall look, but now I can't imagine leaving the house without spending 5 minutes using My Secret Formula. I use to have a thin-to-average beard that never received any attention or compliments, now after 7 days of using Cashes Secrets, I get 2-3 compliments a day. I also seem to be getting kissed by the loveliest ladies a lot more often...I now chart the course of a vertiginous day. Holy cow! Just take a look at me >>>>All in all, it was worth it, as I now know first hand what WORKS and what DOESN'T!! >>>>“WOW”<<<<

Just one more and I’ll let you get back to something more substantial.
Good morning Connie,
I realize that it may not be morning when you receive this and it may not even be today, But I wish you good anyway...
I have been turned down on a couple of my manuscripts because of poor grammar and structure. So I have decided to put a preface in all of my future books that read something like the following;
My Way
What you will find in my written material has not been edited to correct grammatical, functional and occasional spelling mistakes. I label my magical content My Way because that is exactly what it is; My Way. My signature, personality, thoughts and ideas, are presented in the only way I know and I refuse to change it because it comes from my heart not from an English book, dictionary or thesaurus. It’s hard for me to find a publisher to publish my books because they all want to do them their way and I readily admit that their way may be right but my way is me and that is the way I want it to be. What I have written in my books I have written just for YOU my reader, so please don’t judge me by my use or misuse of grammar and words, judge my books by the intent and the content. I have two great passions that I like to portray with my written word, Happiness and the Rewards Life has to offer. Therefore read what I have written Your Way but keep in mind it is written My Way.
Please give me your good advice and help me improve it if you can. Most publishers allow 200 words for a preface or comment, what I have written is exactly 200 words.
Love, Your friend Cash

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Dear Jimmy,

My love for you is unconditional as a blood brothers love should be. I've worried about you and prayed to my God asking him for an answer that would relieve all your miseries. I've meditated for hours upon hours trying to figure out a way to help put you back in command of your life. If there was anyway possible I'd step into your ora and straighten out all your problems for you, both you and I know that's impossible even though my intentions are sincere. Even though I really want to help you I can't allow myself to be misguided by compassion and shield you from the reality of your brunt errors. To do this would cause devastating results subsidizing failure. Let's face it Jim you are my brother and I don't want to see you fail.

Even though I'd gladly change places with you it wouldn't work because in my new role I'd find success and in your new role you'd fail. It's the hard truth that I'm telling you and I hope it's not to late for you to listen to me.

Through all my meditation and prayer it's become plain to me, that if you're ever going to find happiness, peace and serenity it's all up to you. You have to take complete control of your life and be the master of your own destiny. My doing this for you would only eliminate all your incentive and go against human nature. To give you love in the form of protection and comfort just might be the wrong thing to do.

You've been stumbling, falling and out of control for a very long time and I know you've sought help from a good many sources. Nothing has worked because you've been looking in all the wrong places. Motivation classes, treatment centers and all kinds of therapy are not the answer for you. The answer is so simple and I know you'll baulk when I give it to you. But listen to me anyway Jim, I've been there and I know.

The first thing you're are going to have to do, and I know you'll strongly resist, is re-except the God that you know. Once this is done then you can again become the master in control of your life. It's almost impossible to do this without God on your side and very improbable.

Being the master means you except responsibility for all things that have happened to you. Regardless of what has happened in your life except the fact that it was you that made it possible. No matter what our stance is in life, we are there because we were or we were not in command. I love you Jimmy but my unconditional love isn't enough, I have to be strong enough and relentless enough to give you strong and true love.

With a little common sense and a whole lot of faith all things are possible. Somewhere in the Bible there's a scripture that reads; "Be not deceived, God shall not be mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap.’ And again it tutors, ‘in the furnace of affliction I shall refine thee." There's your answer Jimmy, you're a person with much more then average intelligence so you know dam well that I'm right.

I Love You Jim, Your Big Brother Cash


My brother Jim took his life because he was tired of trying. My letter was found in his mailbox unopened.


My brother Jim lives in heaven completing a mission for our God all mighty. I love him dearly and occasionally I visualize his existence. I talk to him as I’d talk to you and it is real to me. When I don’t see him sometimes I write him letters to let him know how much I miss him. I travel beyond the realm of my imagination.

Dear Jim,

It was really a pleasure talking to you today. Believe me Jim, it made my day. I am looking forward to your visit next weekend, it will be great to have you share your presence with me and my four legged family.

This message should give you an idea of my inner most feelings. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

I am fully aware that I do not understand many of lives circumstances, self-disclosure helps me to see things, feel things, imagine things, hope for things that I could never have thought possible. The invitation to transparency, then, is really an invitation to authenticity. It is also an invitation to allow myself to be vulnerable.

When I allow my love ones to see me for who I really am , I am less afraid I will be rejected in the future. When my friends and love ones accept and love me unconditionally I know I will never have to hide in the relationship in the future.

To have inner peace it is necessary to be consistently loving in what I think, in what I say and in what I do. I think thoughts of love. I speak words of love. I demonstrate unconditional love for my love ones in all that I do.

Openness means being willing to communicate my deepest feelings. There can be no intimacy without conversation. The only way my friends and love ones and I can truly communicate is to tell the truth. Truthful communication moves real love and creates a condition of unity, love and satisfaction.

For intimacy to grow in a healthy relationship there can be no withholding; feelings - both positive and negative - feelings must be shared equally . The act of withholding the truth is always potentially a lie.

The energy required for the self-discipline of honesty is far less than the energy required for withholding. I am dedicated to the truth and live in the open and through the exercise of courage to live in the open, I become free from fear. Fear cannot exist whenever insight is valued above feeling frightened.

I listen when you share without making judgment. My heart is always open to hear what you have to say. A good relationship is that in which each appoints the other guardian of his solitude.

God bless you Jim, as I look, feel and cry for your presence.

Unconditionally yours, Big Brother Cash




Let me tell you a little bit about copywriters just in case you don’t already know. Copywriters are paid thousands of dollars to write one "sales letter" the first page on the site. Usually a mini site and the page seems to go on forever and ever, so that by the time you get to the bottom you feel like you’ve read a whole book. They know how to light the fire that creates the desire and then eliminate all of the objections the reader might have. A good copywriter is a gifted con artist and they don’t care whether the webpage owner is legit or not as long as they get paid. The really good ones are on contract to write entire sites. And you can mark my words they’re the ones making the dishonest webmasters rich. Regards BDC



Given on this special day so that you will know not only today ... but every day ... that My love grows stronger with each passing moment! YOU are my life, my dreams, my hopes and my desires all wrapped up in one little package and I love this package with all of my heart!