Sunday, June 20, 2010

In The Dead Of The Night

The Dead of The Night

Sometimes when Im tired, lonely and a little bit blue,

Ill go to my page on one of the sites I belong too.

It is a place where I can listen to my favorite music.

Where my thoughts are in harmony with the acoustics.

Ill sit for hours while entranced with songs of romance.

And as my mood changes my pulse beats rhythm to a dance.

Classical music plays a symphony with my emotional being.

And westerns make me want to pick my guitar and sing.

While Im on my page the writer inside of me takes a break.

My mind wanders on the illusive intrusion of a relaxing wake.

Than all of a sudden I see a light and the next poem Ill write.

Words come like magic and this all happens in the dead of the Night.

I live in a world of dreams, a world where I dream all kinds of things.

I see myself handsome, rich and debonair the wonders of life are mine to share.

What more could I want then that which is mine, where in my dreams do I dot the line

There's more then enough love and good will for all of mankind

What more in this world could I wish to find.

A dream is a dream and it can come true.

And it can happen its all in plain view.

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Given on this special day so that you will know not only today ... but every day ... that My love grows stronger with each passing moment! YOU are my life, my dreams, my hopes and my desires all wrapped up in one little package and I love this package with all of my heart!